At Sapien Accountants we are passionate about start-ups, smaller businesses and accountancy. Yep, we are living the dream. We serve our clients like a local accountant and we make sure we understand you and your business.

We have been there and done it too. We know what it is like to start-up and run businesses from sole trading to limited companies. Our backgrounds include accounting, finance, IT, sales, marketing and general business management.

We combine our experience and passion with the best accounting technology for small businesses to create our Sapien Accounting service.

Sapien Accountants was founded by Michael Hawes and Steve Hales. Michael and Steve combined their backgrounds of accountancy, managing small and medium sized businesses, business start-ups and IT to form Sapien Accountants.

Sapien Accountants is the online division of MHH Partnership which is the original accounting practice founded by Michael Hawes.

More Succinctly

We like what we do; we are good at it, and we save you time and money from the convenience of your own office.

Meet Some of Our Team

Jodie Clark
Jodie Clark Accountant
Jodie is one of our accountants. Jodie understands the challenges of the commercial world and she brings her considerable experience to our clients. She has worked as an accountant in many different sectors including: MoD, IT, education, construction and logistics. Away from work, Jodie enjoys music festivals and the outdoors.

Michael Hawes ACCA
Michael Hawes ACCAPartner
Michael is our chief accountant. There is nothing that Michael does not know about advising individuals and small businesses with accountancy services. He is exceptionally qualified and has been running our accountancy practice for over 20 years. When not working, Michael enjoys his other interests like boating on the Broads.
Steve Hales MBA, BSc
Steve Hales MBA, BScPartner
Steve is our chief business adviser. He is a highly experienced business consultant working with start-ups, small companies and individuals. Steve’s background includes sales, marketing, HR, IT, running and growing businesses. When not working, Steve loves spending time with his family, oh, and trying to do some exercise.